About Us
Our origin is Hong Kong. Our home is the world. We inspire and empower our stakeholders to create sustainable values for a better tomorrow.

We are Majoris.

Our origin is Hong Kong. Our home is the world. We inspire and empower our stakeholders to create sustainable values for a better tomorrow.

As a group of dedicated financial experts, we provide excellent financial advisory, investment, business development, CPA and corporate services. Our diverse competencies and our ethical business approach are key drivers of our success and rapid growth.

We at Majoris are dedicated to the highest form of empowerment. We believe that the long-term added value of a trustful network always surpasses the short-term profit of isolated investments. That’s why we connect people and partners, businesses and competencies, east and west to mutually benefit from the synergies that arise.

With everything we do, we are dedicated to creating excellence. Leveraging our diversity and expertise, we provide tailormade solutions for our clients’ most complex challenges and thus empower them to create sustainable values.

However, our greatest impact comes by the way we think and act. In everything we do, we are led by our values. We are open-minded, growth-minded, world-minded, future-minded, and most important of all, ethically minded.

It is our unique mindset, that sets us apart.

We call it majoris-minded.

Our Footprint

Company Milestones

  • 2023

    Majoris Group has hosted its first Investment Forum at the HKEX Connect Hall, where we showcased four rapid-growing businesses across Europe that are making ground-breaking innovations that will impact the world.

  • 2023

    To align the Group’s vision and mission based on our core values, culture, and history, we have rebranded ourselves as Majoris Group. We made a spectacular unveil of our Majoris-minded transformation at our new office inauguration ceremony – a new headquarter in the central business district of Hong Kong with a combined floor area of over 8,000 square feet.

  • 2022

    The Group has facilitated the successful listing of three main board cases on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a combined market capitalization of USD 1.5 billion at initial public offering.

  • 2021

    Expanded our footprints internationally by establishing overseas branch offices and appointing regional business partners in Germany and Canada.

  • 2019

    Having acquired SFO licenses to engage in regulated activity types 1, 4, 6 and 9 by our affiliated group in 2018, our wall-crossed segment has successfully closed inaugural Funds and invested over HKD 500 million in various investments, with a focus on Pre-IPO stage businesses, private and listed bonds and venture capitals.

    The Group’s headquarter has been relocated to a 6,000 square feet state-of-the-art office in Causeway Bay.

  • 2018

    With the vision to further expand to the PRC market, Majoris Group has enlarged its operating size of its PRC team and reallocated its Guangzhou office to a more competitive location with an office space of 3000 sq. ft. within Guangzhou.

    During 2018, Majoris Group’s CEO Mr. Edward Tsui and Mr. Jim Rogers, together being the pre-IPO investors, subscribed to the zero-coupon convertible bonds of the Jiu Zun Digital Interactive Entertainment Group Holdings Limited (1961.HK).

  • 2016-2017

    In 2016, with the Group’s rapid growth in business and clientele, Majoris Group has relocated its Hong Kong headquarter to a 3,000-sq ft office in Wan Chai and opened its Guangzhou satellite office around 100 sq. ft to cater to the increasing demand for corporate finance advisory services of the PRC market and to improve the Group’s ability to closely cooperate with the PRC clients.

    In 2016, Majoris Group completed its first MAIN Board Initial Public Offering case on the HKEX.

  • 2013-2015

    Throughout 2013 to 2015, with over 20 professionals of diverse expertise joining the Group, Majoris Group has broadened its service scope to include CPA assurance services, corporate secretarial services and corporate investment services.

    In 2015, Majoris Group accomplished its first successful merger and acquisition case for a Hong Kong company.

  • 2012

    Majoris Group was founded as a corporate advisory services provider in Hong Kong with an office space of only 60 sq ft and two staff.

    In 2012, Majoris Group completed its first GEM Board Initial Public Offering case on the HKEX.